Best Clothing for Toddlers

parents are still drawn to onesiesToddlers are delightful in their ability to keep moving. They seem to be constantly in motion and don’t like anything that can slow them down, including their clothes. Some toddlers even have problems with texture and need soft baby onesies, and their parents have to be mindful of that when purchasing outfits for the children. But with a little common sense and by paying attention to the habits of toddlers, you can easy outfit them in clothes that both of you will like. There’s no reason to stress over clothing choices when you make sure that you’ve paid attention to these pointers.

Toddlers are fast and like to be able to take care of themselves. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to outfit them in clothing that allows them to quickly do it themselves. As a general rule they don’t want to sit still for someone to button up their shirt, snap their pants, and carefully adjust their suspenders. Remember: with clothing you’re worried about speed. And let’s not forget the importance of being able to use the bathroom immediately. There’s no time to take care with tight buttons on pants when a toddler decides they have to go. Potty training is already stressful – don’t make it worse with tricky clothing.

Soft pants or shorts with an elastic waistband make it really easy for a toddler to put them on and remove them by themselves. They also provide quick access for an emergency bathroom break. With no snaps or belts they limit the frustration that a toddler experiences when they can’t take care of themselves. For a girls a skirt with an elastic waistband is perfect. They can quickly get dressed with no help.

Shirts can be a little more tricky as parents love to see boys in button up shirts. Leave those alone for church and let your little one dress in comfy t-shirts or sweatshirts. Girls love dresses they can pull on or step into and this eliminates the hassle of waiting to be helped into clothes.

Until your toddler can tie their shoes (usually around age 5 or 6), stick with velcro shoes. Not only will they have the sense of accomplishment of putting them on, but they can adjust them to their heart’s content without you untying and tying them until they go mad. With toddler clothes: keep it soft, keep it simple, keep it fun. This way no one will get frustrated and you can avoid meltdowns.

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